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1 Salung(=1/4 baht), 20mm, Silver, Siam. 1860 Thailand
太平天国 (Tai Ping Tian Guo), 1 Cash, 23mm, 1mm, 3.3g., Gilt, Reverse: 聖寶 (Shen Bao),... 1860 China
HONG KONG TWO DOLLARS, QES, Cupro-nickel, 12-scalloped shape with plain edge, 28mm, 2mm, 8.4g.... 1992 Hong Kong
Chi Ze Wu Zhu (赤仄五銖), 24mm, bronze, minted around 115BC-113BC of Western Han (207BC-25AD). -113 China
Tian Sheng Yuan Bao (天聖元寶), 25mm, Mold Leaked, Red copper, Northern Sung Dynasty.... 1023 China
1 Phan (1 cash), Annam, 1885-1888. 1885 Vietnam
20 Cash (二十文), copper, Wan-Hsi-Pei-Soviet (皖西北蘇維埃造), ND 1931-1932. SCARCE!... 1931 China
20-Cent Silver Coin, Fukien Province.... 1928 China
Straight Knife-money (直刀幣), 12.5mm, 3mm, 29g., Bronze with Black Patina, Issued around... -300 China
1 CENT, "百分之一", French Indo-China, 1892. 1892 Vietnam
Porcelain Gambling Token, Siam. 1800 Thailand
Yong Tong Quan Huo (永通泉貨), Emperor Li Jing(943-961) of Southern Tang Kingdom (937-975),... 959 China
Qian Long Tong Bao (乾隆通寶), CASH, copper, Kiang Soo Mint, Qing Dynasty (1735-1798).... 1735 China
Alcon Smelters & Works, Aluminum City, Kitimat, B.C., Canada, 51mm, 3mm, aluminum token. 1984 Canada
Xuan Tong Tong Bao (宣統通宝), Board of Revenue Mint, Qing Dynasty (1909-1912).... 1909 China
10 CENTS (壹毫銀幣), Silver, Kwangtung Province, Republic of China Year 2. 1913 China
Porcelain Gambling Token, Obv:Co. Name, Rev:派(pai)= 1 phai(=1/32 baht), Siam. 1800 Thailand
ONE CENT "洋元一分", British North Borneo 1882H. 1882 Malaysia
Da Quan Wu Shi (大泉五十), 24mm, a bronze coin with a nominal value of fifty Wu Zhu, Wang... 7 China
Xuan Tong Tong Bao (宣統通宝), 16mm, Guang Dong Mint, Qing Dynasty (1909-1912).... 1909 China
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