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Silver 1866 Belgium 50 Centimes Leopold II Well Circ 1st Year Go Here:... 1866 Belgium
Silver 1962 Netherlands 2 1/2 Gulden Large 33mm Crown Nice Light Toned Go Here:... 1962 Netherlands
2005 Turkey New Lira KM#1169 Bust of Atatürk Crescent Star Light Circ Coin Go Here:... 2005 Turkey
1990 Poland 10000 Zlotych 10th Anniv of Solidarity 29.5mm High Grade Coin Go Here:... 1990 Poland
Silver 1951 Canada 10 Cents George VI KM#43 Sialboat Nice Toned Circ Go Here:... 1951 Canada
Sold !! 1988 Philippines 10 Piso People Power Revolution Large 36mm Crown Nice UNC Go Here:... 1988 Philippines
Sold !! Silver 1944-D Philippines 20 Centavos Female Standing Nice Circ Coin Go Here:... 1944 Philippines
Sold !! 1904 Philippines 1/2 Centavo KM# 162 Key Date Well Circulated Coin Go Here:... 1904 Philippines
1901 Canada Large Cent Queen Victoria Nice Circulated Coin Go Here:... 1901 Canada
2014 BRAZIL BI-METALIC 1 REAL RIO 2016 GOLF CHOICE BU COIN Go Here:... 2014 Brazil
Silver 1882-1982 Canada Dollar KM# 133 Popular Cattle Skull Nice Toned Coin Go Here:... 1952 Canada
1956-KN East Africa 1 Cent KM#26 Tusks Type High Grade Luster Coin Go Here:... 1956 East Africa
1870-OM Spain 10 Centimos Rampart Lion 1 Yr Type Provisional Gov Nice Circ 1870 Spain
Silver 1928-S 10 Cent Mercury Dime Nice Toned Circulated Coin Go Here:... 1928 USA
1952 East Africa Shilling KM# 31 George VI Lion Type Nice Grade Circ Coin Go Here:... 1952 East Africa
1835-1870 Japan 100 Mon Tempo Tsuho Ex Large Bronze Nice Grade Circ # RSB27 1835 Japan
1941 East Africa 10 Cents KM#26 Tusks Type Last Year Nice Circulated Go Here:... 1941 East Africa
1989 Poland 500 Zlotych 50th Begginning WWII 29.5mm High Grade Coin Go Here:... 1989 Poland
1956 French Occidental West Africa 25 Francs KM#7 Rhim Gazelle 1 Yr Type Go Here:... 1956 France
1769-A German States Prussia 1/48 Thaler 1/2 Groschen KM#295 Nice Toned Go Here:... 1769 Germany