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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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unidentifeid cash coin, looks odd this one 0 China
undated 10 cash chekiang province, pre 1906, fine but a bit worn around the edges though 1905 China
Jen Tsung cash (1796-1820) common mint but decent coin 1796 China
cash coin of the board of the board of public works, with a circle above the hole 1875 China
very low grade cash, however with a streight edge on one side. 1875 China
a nice grade Cash from the board of public works, again with a circle mark 1875 China
mid grade 1906 10 cash, plenty of detail 1906 China
Jen Tsung cash coin, interesting coloration, sadly has a hole in 1723 China
boo-su mintmark cash coin of Kao Tsung 1736 China
1974 1 fen, AUNC, strage streaky effect 1974 China
cash coin from northen sung dynesty Emperor Sung Cho Tsung 1086-1100 looks like iron and is... 1086 China
unknown date VF 7.2 kandareens, small coin with silver weight listed,i think it is a 10 cent 1889 China
10 cash from 1920. 1920 China
unidentified Chinese cash coin 0 China
very nice cash coin from the reign of Ch'eng Tsu (1403-1424) of the ming dynesty 1408 China
Ch'ung Ning 10 cash coin 1102-06 1102 China
early sung chinese cash from emperor Zheng He 1111-18 1111 China
cash coin of Hsuan Tsung from the board of revenue mint 1821 China
Chao Ch'ing mint cash coin slighly scarcer mint than your usual cash coins. 1686 China
unidentified larger cash coin 0 China
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