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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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edward II penny, from canterbury (or at least bought as), still a fairly old penny, looks to have... 1307 United Kingdom
possibly Edward II penny of Durham mint 1307 United Kingdom
Penny, more likely Edward III 1312 United Kingdom
very low grade penny, more likely to be Edward III and york mint 1312 United Kingdom
hammered penny of York, unknown monarch, possibly Edward III or later 1312 United Kingdom
very low grade London Penny of Edward possibly III 1312 United Kingdom
Edward II penny, a few parts missing sadly 1315 United Kingdom
edward III penny, york mint, quite worn 1327 United Kingdom
Edward III penny, from york, part of the Reigate hoard 1327 United Kingdom
possibly an Edward III penny of york. 1327 United Kingdom
penny, probably Edward III 1327 United Kingdom
Cash coin, possibly of Ta Chung first ruler of the Ming dynasty 1328 China
late Edward III penny of york 1350 United Kingdom
penny of Edward 3rd or 4th 1350 United Kingdom
Edward 3rd? or later penny 1350 United Kingdom
Edward III penny, York 1361 United Kingdom
Edward III penny, London 1361 United Kingdom
small hammered coin, possibly a farthing of Henry IV or V 1364 United Kingdom
Edward III penny, York mint, possibly post Treaty 1369 United Kingdom
french jetton decent grade, hard to date but 1380-1500's 1380 Exonumia Europe
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