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1974 VF 10 cents, bright coin, perhaps weakly struck 1974 Canada
1974 1 fen, AUNC, strage streaky effect 1974 China
1974 10 stotinki, aUNC, slight brokage on reverse 1974 Bulgaria
5 lev 1973, possible proof 1973 Bulgaria
nice lustrous 1 dirham from UAE first year of issue 1973 United Arab Emirates
lustrous 1 lirah 25th anniversary of the bank of israel 1973 Israel
worn dye? 1973 phoenix 2 drachma, notice the lettering near the rim is worn but the coin is in EF 1973 Greece
prooflike strike, a nice polished look and crisp strike a gorgeous coin 1973 USA
nice VF 1973 D cent, no lustre, possibly a split on the upper serif of the mintmark (hard to tell) 1973 USA
nice bright 1973 cent, possibly a spread on the R (light reflects back off it?) 1973 USA
great grade,hard to determine exactly, but there seems to be no wear so i'm putting at AUNC 1973 Italy
one of the more interesting coin designs, nice grade except for verdegris. 1973 Sweden
EF toned nicely, partly visible on the obverse picture. 1973 Belgium
1 franc, portrait seems very faint, a possible weak strike there as text is very clear 1973 Belgium
AUNC egypt UAR issue 1 piastre 1973 Egypt
10 piastres, EF grade 1973 Egypt
10 piastres, weakly struck reverse rim. 1973 Egypt
10 piastres, signs of double striking on the christian date side of the coin 1973 Egypt
10 piastres, weak strike at the bottom of the reverse 1973 Egypt
10 piastres 1973 EF grade 1973 Egypt