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The coins shown here are coins that i have owned in the past but no longer own now. Coins still in my collection are viewable under my other account 'Aetheling'.

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Charles II Tin farthing, high grade for the series. Tin being prone to corrosion as is evident on... 1684 United Kingdom
1887 half sovereign 1887 United Kingdom
The strange case of the 2004 20p, what's it with the strike? 2004 United Kingdom
1914 Swiss Franc 1914 Switzerland
1030 Cnut Short Cross Penny. Moneyor - Brunstan of Thetford. A fairly typical grade for coins of... 1030 United Kingdom
1688 half guinea 1688 United Kingdom
$20 Liberty 1894 1894 USA
1810 half guinea 1810 United Kingdom
1769 half guinea 1769 United Kingdom
Undated imitation ducat of Francis I Holy Roman Emperor, husband of Maria Theresa and father of... 1760 Austria
1865 Sovereign 1865 United Kingdom
1777H La Rochelle Mint Louis XVI Liard 1777 France
1696 sixpence, obverse 1/reverse 1 1696 United Kingdom
1941-B 50 Reichspfennig 1941 Germany
1912 half sovereign 1912 United Kingdom
1554-1558 Philip II (of Spain) and Mary I (Bloody Mary) Groat 1554 United Kingdom
1971 Two Pence 1971 United Kingdom
1361 Quarter Noble 1361 United Kingdom
1723 SSC (South Sea Company) sixpence 1723 United Kingdom
1624 James I, gold Quarter Laurel 1624 United Kingdom
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