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I'm a college student (working on my BAE) who has been collecting coins since the age of 9. I prefer the draped bust US coinage and hand hammered world coins the most, but I like just about everything

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Nickel type set, shield through 2006. As shown, Obv then any Rev for that Obv. 1866 USA
Large Motto MS-64 BN by NGC. My first MS copper, not the last! :) 1864 USA
AU-50 by Anacs, I think it could get a 55, it has full lines on III, but I like Anacs grading... 1881 USA
1875-S AU details Net EF 40 whizzed: Anacs. Still love this coin even if it was cleaned. 1875 USA
1903-S EF details, Net VF 20 Whizzed: Anacs. 1903 USA
1806 Draped Bust Quarter Dollar, Fine Details, Net VG-8 Scratched: Anacs. The scratch is very... 1806 USA
Flying Eagle cent, Au details, Net Xf-45, cleaned: Anacs. Even under a 16X loupe I can't detect... 1857 USA
Indian MS-63 BRN: Anacs. My second MS copper, still not my last! :) 1903 USA
Seated Quarter, Au details, Net Xf-40, Rep Date/Scratched: Anacs 1848 USA
Shield Nickel, Au Details, Net Ef-45, Scratched: Anacs. 1870 USA
3 cent silver, raw. 1858 USA
3 cent Nickel, Raw. 1868 USA
3 cent Nickel, raw. 1869 USA
3 cent silver, raw. 1853 USA
1916-D Raw Barber Quarter 1916 USA
1938-D Buffalo Nickel, MS-65: PCGS Nice light golden tone. 1938 USA
Bust Dime, raw. 1836 USA
Bust half dime, raw. 1829 USA
Bust half dollar, raw. Jeff is now the owner of this little lady! But I hate to its picture lol! 1809 USA
1824, 4 over 2 overdate, Bust dime, raw. 1824 USA
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