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I'm a college student (working on my BAE) who has been collecting coins since the age of 9. I prefer the draped bust US coinage and hand hammered world coins the most, but I like just about everything

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Draped Bust Half Cent, MS-63 BN: NTC. My last MS copper for now, more will come when I get the... 1804 USA
Draped bust large cent, raw. 1803 USA
Kettle token of a 1803 gold half eagle, made of brass, most of these were used as gambling... 1803 USA
1802 2 over 1 draped bust dollar, raw. 1802 USA
A 1801 King Charles IIII 2 reale from Bolivia under Spain (PTS/Potosi mint) Assayer P.P. 28mm 6.81g 1801 Bolivia
The rim has nice scalloping work, and I really like the eagle. 6 Kruezer I think these are called. 1800 Austria
Reeded/milled edge 1799 George III Half Penny 1799 United Kingdom
Old British half penny, the size of a US large cent. 1799 United Kingdom
Hard to make out the date on this penny, from the 1790's. Similar in design to the half penny I... 1798 United Kingdom
English cartwheel penny 1797 United Kingdom
1 kreuzer 1795 Austria
1795 Large cent, a few % offcenter, a pretty worn coin, but my first US coin other than colonial... 1795 USA
1795...I think, the last digit is hard to make out...large cent. Rough shape, but still nice to... 1795 USA
2 OZ silver round, looks like the 1792 disme design, big coin/round. 1792 USA
1790 VOC 1 duit. 1790 Netherlands
1790 VOC 2 duit. 1790 Netherlands
1790 4 reale Charles IV designation with bust of Charles III 12.77g (13.5400 is normal but this... 1790 Bolivia
This is a one year type (1790) transitional half-reale of King Charles IIII with King Charles III... 1790 Mexico
8 reale King Carolus IV (Charles IV) with King Charles III head. This type was minted 1789 and... 1790 Mexico
Colonial era half penny I can't really make much out on the obv. George III 1787 possible Mochin... 1787 United Kingdom
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