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25 centavos de Cordoba. Obverse coat of arms, reverse outline of country, bird flying above. 1994 Nicaragua
Republique d'Haiti, 50 centimes, obverse bust of Pierre Nord Alexis, overthrown the following... 1907 Haiti
Kingdom of Egypt, 5 millemes, Cu-Ni, King Farouk, also with Gregorian date 1941 AD reverse. 1360 Egypt
Egypt (Ottoman Kingdom) 5 para, AE, reverse ascension date 1255 AH, year 15 shown obverse above... 1270 Egypt
Republic of India, 25 paise, ferric stainless steel, Ashoka's Pillar obverse. 1988 India
Ethiopia 1 birr, AR, bust of King Menelik II obverse, Lion of Judah reverse. Dated 1889 EE... 1889 Ethiopia
200 pesos, Cu Ni Zn, obverse is artwork from the Quimbaya period. 1995 Colombia
Egypt (Ottoman Empire), 1 para, AR, ascension date of Abdul Hamid I 1187 AH on base of reverse,... 1191 Egypt
Ethiopia, 1/100 birr, AE, bust of King Menelik II, dated from Coptic calendar (about 1896 AD). 1889 Ethiopia
Colonies of Essequibo and Demarary token, half stiver, AE, Obverse bust of King George III. 1813 Guyana
100 pesos, obverse is Colombian coat of arms. 1994 Colombia
Republic of India, 25 paise, ferric stainless steel, Indian rhinoceros obverse. 1990 India
Kingdom of Egypt, 2 millemes, Cu-Ni, King Fu'ad I, also dated 1929 AD reverse. Minted at Budapest. 1348 Egypt
Independent Kingdom of Assam, 1 rupee, AR, dated Saka Era 1622 reverse, Rudra Simha, octagonal. 1700 India
20 centavos. Obverse is Honduran coat of arms, reverse is bust of Chief Lempira, leader of the... 1996 Honduras
Republic of Chile 20 cents, AR. Minted in Santiago. 1880 Chile
Egypt (Kingdom) 2 piastres, AR, King Farouk 1361 Egypt
British East Africa (the Kenya Colony), 5 cents, Cu, holed, reverse features elephant tusks. 1925 East Africa
Comoros (French protectorate), 5 centimes, AE, date in Hijri, minted at Monnaie de Paris, torch... 1308 Comoros
Kingdom of Egypt 2 1/2 millemes, octagonal, Cu-Ni, King Fu'ad I. Also with Gregorian date of... 1352 Egypt
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