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Ottoman Sultan Abdul Mejid 40 para accession date 1255AH reign date 20 1858 Turkey
prooflike transition coin, showing the denomination in old, shilling, and new currency, 10 cents... 1967 New Zealand
1000 lire geology bimetal coin 1998 San Marino
Peso convertible series 5 centavos national arms colonial house coin alignment nickel-plated... 1996 Cuba
2 Lipe Grapevines, Latin legend aluminum 2002 Croatia
10 gulden 50th anniversary of BeNeLux Beatrix 1994 Netherlands
10 cents arms of South Africa Aloe plant nickel bilingual coin 1971 South Africa
Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo-Kinshasa) 50 centimes giraffe 2002 Congo
1 colon America Central Banco Central de Costa Rica (B.C.C.R.) stainless steel large ships 1983 Costa Rica
halfpenny Queen Elizabeth the Second, with shoulder strap Hei Tiki bronze 1962 New Zealand
10 pesos 150th anniversary of independence Miguel Hidalgo Francisco Madero 28.888 gram 0.900... 1960 Mexico
10 centimos America Central Banco Central de Costa Rica (B.C.C.R.) copper-nickel 1972 Costa Rica
1 florin George VI by T.H. Paget, w.o. IND.IMP. national arms 0.500 silver Melbourne Mint 1952 Australia
50 cents Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley H.M.S. Endeavour copper-nickel 2001 New Zealand
1 florin Queen Beatrix 1998 Aruba
sulver rupee struck for the city of Musrhidabad, in the name of Shah Alam II with frozen date... 1819 India
1 Pataca copper-nickel Singapore Mint 1982 Macau
20 Cents Elizabeth II by Arnold Machin Fairy Tern reverse design by James Berry copper-nickel 1983 Cook Islands
1 cent Frigate bird bronze designer: Mike Hibbit 1979 Kiribati
Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo-Kinshasa) 25 centimes fox 2002 Congo