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Reign Title: Yuan Feng 1078-1085, 1 Cash, YUAN FENG TUNG BAO 1078 China
Emperor Shun Zhi, 1644-1661, Yuan mint, board of works Beijing 1644 China
1 Cash, YUAN YU TUNG BAO, 1086-1093 1086 China
Emperor Hsuan Tsung, reign title: Tao Kuang, 1821-1850 1821 China
Emperor Jen Tsung, reign titlt: Chia Yu, 1056-1063, 1 Cash 1056 China
Northern Sung, Xi Ning Yuan Bao, 1068-1077 1068 China
Emperor Shih Tsu, Reign title: Shub Chih 1644-1661, Polished 1644 China
Emperor Sheng Tsu 1662-1772, Shantung mint, secondary series, polished 1713 China
Emperor Sheng Tsu, Reign title K'and Hsi, 1662-1722, Shantung mint, secondary series 1713 China
Emperor Chuang Lieh, reign title: Ch'ung Chen, 1628-1644 1628 China
Emperor Jen tsung, reign title: Pao Yuan, 1038-1039, 1 Cash 1038 China
Emperor Zhen Zong, Xiang Fu Tong Bao 998-1022 998 China
Emperor Zhe Zong, Shao Sheng Yuan Bao 1086-1100 1086 China
Shan Lung, commerative series, Emperor Kao Tsung, Boo Ciowan 1795 China
Emperor Sheng Tsu, 1662-1722, Boo Ciowan 1662 China
Emperor Sheng Tsu, Reign title: K'ang Hsi, 1662-1722, Cha'ang, Wu-ch'ang in Hupei 1662 China
Emperor Puye 1908-1912, reign title: Hsuan T'ung, machine struck, several die breaks 1908 China
1 Fen, Aluminum 2006 China
1 Jiao, Aluminum 1994 China
5 Fen, Aluminum 1986 China