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Byzantine Empire Nicephorus III 1078-1081, class I anonymous follis. AE/22mm 2.9 grams 1078 Roman Empire
UNknown very ancient Greek coin. AE/19mm 6.7 grams 0 Greece
1960 P&D large and small date issues. 1960 USA
Crispus Caesar 316-326AD Obv:FL IVL CRIPVS NOB CAES Rev:ALAMANNIA DEVICTA .SIRM. AE/21mm 3.1... 316 Roman Empire
Constantinople, @330-346AD SMNB AE/18mm 2.3 grams 330 Roman Empire
valentinian I 364-375AD Rev:DN VALENTINIANVS PF AVG Rev:GLORIA ROMANORVM SISC AE/18mm 2.1 grams 364 Roman Empire
Gallienus 253-260AD Obv:GALLIENVS AVG Rev:PROVI AVG? AE/18mm 3.0 grams 253 Roman Empire
Constantine I 307-337AD Obv:CONSTANTINVS AVG Rev:PROVIDENTIAE AVGG CAMPGATE SMTSE AE/19mm... 307 Roman Empire
Licinius 308-324AD Obv:IMP C VAL LIC LICINNIVS PF AVG Rev:IOVI CONSERVATORI SMNT AE/20mm 2.9... 308 Roman Empire
Constantinus Gallus 354AD Obv:DN CONSTANTIVS IVN NOBC Rev:FEL TEMP REPARATIO HSIRM. 354 Roman Empire
Gallienus 253-268AD AE/18mm 1.7 grams 253 Roman Empire
Valens 364-378AD Obv:DN VALENS PF AVG Rev:GLORIA ROMANORVM CONST (Arelate mint) AE/17mm 2.2... 364 Roman Empire
A Century of American Cents. 1909-Indian Head 1918-Lincoln 1929-Depression year 1943-Steel... 0 USA
1965 US Mint Set 1965 USA
USA 1980 D (Denver)Mint Set with Denver Mint Medal 1980 USA
USA 1982D (Denver mint) set 1982 USA
USA 1982 Phiadelphia mint set 1982 USA
USA 1984 Denver mint set 1984 USA
USA Bicentennial medal, and first date of issue stamps. Issued by the US mint 1975 Exonumia North America
USA 1966 Mint Set 1966 USA