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3 Mark Obverse: Wilhelm II of Prussia Reverse:House of Prussia Mintage: 2,022,000 Silver .900 1914 Germany
Phil-American One Peso Obverse: Lady and Mt.Mayon Reverse: United States Seal Mintage: 2,791,000... 1903 Philippines
5 Francs Obverse: Imperial Bust of Napoleon III Reverse: Napoleonic Imperial Seal Mintage:... 1868 France
5 Francs Obverse: Louis Philippe I Reverse: Simple 5 Francs Mintage: 7,846,000 Silver .900 1843 France
5 Francs Napoleon as Emperor of the French Obverse: Napoleon Imperial Bust Reverse: Simple 5... 1810 France
5 Francs Napoleon Bonaparte as Premier Consul Obverse: Bust of Napoleon Reverse: Simple 5 Francs... 1803 France
5 Francs Obverse: Charles X Reverse: Bourbon House Mintage: 9,610,000 Silver: .900 1828 France
5 Francs 2nd Restoration Obverse: Louis XVIII Reverse: House of Bourbon Mintage: 6,536,000 Silver... 1823 France
5 Francs 1st Restoration Obverse: Louis XVIII Reverse: House of Bourbon Mintage: 634,000 Silver:... 1814 France
Spanish 1/2 Escudo Obverse: Charles III Reverse: Seal of the Bourbon House Mintage: unknown... 1783 Spain
2 Spanish Escudos Obverse: Charles IV Reverse: Seal of Bourbon House Mintage: Unknown Gold:... 1804 Spain
5 Francs Obverse: Leopold II Reverse: Seal of the Royal House, Mintage: 4,783,000 Silver: .900 1871 Belgium
Morgan Silver Dollar Obverse: Large Liberty Head Reverse: Eagle Mintage: 8,900,000 Silver: .900 1880 USA
1 Crown 1887 Obverse: Queen Victoria Reverse: St. George Mintage: 173,000 Silver: .925 1887 United Kingdom