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Born 05.07.1930 Celtic,Roman,Saxon & Continental copies of Hammered coins are my interests. I enjoy researching unknown coins in the group. At present seeking better examples of Edward I Mints.

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Copy of English Edward III by William, Count of Namur( an area of Belgium ) Probably pierced by... 1340 Belgium
A crockard. copy of Edward I. Probably Robert de Bethune ( Flanders ) 1305 Belgium
John I (the Victorious) of Brabant, Lothier & Limburg. Sterling copy of Edward I. Chipped 1261 Belgium
School Medal Cumberland UK 1906 Exonumia Europe
In memory of the wedding of Charles 7 Diana 1981 Exonumia Europe
William Wordsworh Memorial 2000 Exonumia Europe
A memento of my USA trip! 1981 Exonumia North America
Advertising Edmonton 1980 Exonumia North America
Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II Ontario 1977 Exonumia North America
Ontario Royal Visit 1984 Exonumia North America
Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee 1965 Exonumia North America
15th c Jetton. +AVTEM.TR-B-EHS IHS in centre crown I-SAVTEM.IBATL-R.ME Cross with Fleur de... 1450 France
Denier of Valence obv.VRBS VALENTIAI aroun angel rev.APOLLINARS around cross possible... 1157 France
Abbey Cluny denier. legend undecipherable but was- PETRVS ET PAULVS around monogram CLVNIACO... 1200 France
Crusader denier Philip I Capet Obv.+D-IDE P(/R)EX PHILIPVS Rev.+AVRELIANVS CIVITA Mangled... 1060 France
Denier of Fulk V of Anjou grandfather of Henry II of England. King of Jerusalem 1131-43 1089 France
John II (the good) Obole Captured by Black Prince. 0.8gm 17mm 1319 France
Gaucher of Chatillon 1312-22, Sterling Copy of Edward I penny Yves, France 1.1gms... 1312 France
John of Avesnes Count of Hainaut. Crockard.0.8gms 19mm 1280 France
Centulle IV or V Obole Bearn. 0.8gms 12.3mm o.Cross pellets in 1st & 4th quadrants. CENTULLO... 1012 France
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