Coins of Austria, Hungary, Germany & Holy Roman Empire. I'm fond of searching with a metal detector.

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Postmorten 1/6 Thaler. Kingdom of Saxony. On death king Anton von Sachsen (6 june 1836).... 1836 Germany
Postmorten 2 Mark. German Empire. Duchy of Baden. Death of Ducke Friedrich. Stamp shine.... 1907 Germany
2 Mark. German Empire. Duchy of Baden. Golden Wedding Anniversary. Mintage 350,000 units.... 1906 Germany
2 Mark. German Empire. Duchy of Baden. Ducke Friedrich (1857-1907). *G*- Karlsruhe mint.... 1902 Germany
5 Mark. German Empire. Prussia. Wilhelm II (1888-1918). *A*- Berlin mint. Mintage 668,000... 1901 Germany
5 Mark. German Empire. Free city Hamburg. *J*- Hamburg mint. Mintage 327,000 units.... 1913 Germany
Road Token. Nürnberg-Fürster City. Al. 1921 Germany
Road Token. Nürnberg-Fürster City. Al. 1921 Germany
6 kreuzer. Württemberg. Wilhelm I (1816-1864). Ag333f. 2,70gr. 1836 Germany
8 schilling (1/6 Thaler). Free City Lubeck. *JJJ*- mintmaster Johann Justus Jaster 1727-58.... 1734 Germany
1 sechsling. Schleswig-Holstein. Christian VII, of Danmark (1784-1808). *MF*- mintmaster... 1787 Germany
2 kreuzer (Halberbatzen). Hanau-Lichtenberg. Philipp V (1585-1599). Ag. 1592 Germany
10 kreuzer (Konventionkreuzer). Bishopric Würzburg-Bamberg. Adam Friedrich, Graf von Seinsheim... 1766 Germany
Half Batzen. Kempten - a town in Bavaria, on the river Iller, in the foothills of the Algeis... 1522 Germany
3 Mark. German Empire. Prussia. 100 th anniversary of the Berlin University. *A* - Berlin... 1910 Germany
6 gröscher (Szostake). Kingdom of Prussia. Friedrich Wilhelm I (1713-1740) - The King-Solider... 1716 Germany
1/2 Gulden. Kingdom of Bavaria. Ludwig II (1864-1884) von Bayern. Mintage 111,000 units.... 1870 Germany
1/6 Thaler. Sachsen Kurfürstentum. Friedrich August. *EDC* - mintmaster Ernst Dietrich Croll,... 1764 Germany
Postmorten 1/3 Taler. Sachsen. 'Auf den Tod des Königs'. Edge lettering:... 1854 Germany
1 kreuzer. Sachsen-Meiningen. Bernhard Erich Freund (1803-1866). Mintage 202,000 units. Cu. 1854 Germany