Coins of Austria, Hungary, Germany & Holy Roman Empire. I'm fond of searching with a metal detector.

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1/2 soldo. Austrian Northen Italy. Milan. Maria Theresia (1745-1780). Cu. 1777 Italy
1/3 soldo. Austrian Northen Italy. Milan. Maria Theresia (1745-1780). Cu. 1779 Italy
1 Francescone. Toscana. Ferdinand III. *PISIS* - Pisa mint. Ag.917f. 27,5gr. 1795 Italy
5 centesimi. Austrian Northen Italy. Franc Ioseph I (1848-1916). *M* - Milan mint. Cu. 1849 Italy
5 soldi. Austrian Northen Italy. Maria Theresia (1745-1780) Empress of Holy Roman Empire.... 1758 Italy
1 centesimo. Venetian uprising against the Habsburgs of 1848-1849. Cu. 1849 Italy
1 Lira. Austrian Northen Italia. Ioseph II Emperor of Holy Roman Empire. Ag552f. 6,25gr. 1787 Italy
5 cenesimi. The Republic of Venice. Anti-Habsburg uprising in northern Italy. Cu. 1849 Italy
Austrian Northen Italy. Milano. Francisc II (1792-1835). Ag689f. 7,36gr. 1796 Italy
Scudo. Duchy of Tuscan. Francis of Lorraine. *PISIS*- Pisa mint. Ag917f. 27,5gr. 1747 Italy
15 soldi. Venetia. The revolution of 1848-1849 in Lombardy and Venice. Little Venice lasted... 1848 Italy
1-1/2 Lire. Austrian Northen Italy. Francisc II (1792-1835). *A* - Wien mint. Ag 250f.... 1802 Italy
5 Lire Italiane. Anti-Austrian Uprising in Lombardy 1848-1849. *M* - Milan mint. Ag900f.... 1848 Italy
Tari (Carlini). Naples & Sicili under the rule of Austria (1713-1735). Karl VI (1711-1740).... 1716 Italy
1 soldo. Austrian Goricia. Franc II (1792-1835). *F* - Hall mint. Cu. 1794 Italy
Denar. Kingdom of Hungary. Leopold I (1658-1705), Emperor of Holy Roman Empire & King of... 1688 Hungary
15 kreuzer. Kingdom of Hungary. Maria Theresia (1745-1780), Queen of Hungary & Empress of Holy... 1748 Hungary
1/2 Thaler (Gulden). Kingdom of Hungary. Karl VI (1711-1740), King of Hungary & Emperor of Holy... 1726 Hungary
Poltura. Hungarian revolt 1705-1711. *KB* - Kremnitz mint. Cu. 1705 Hungary
3 kreuzer. Coin of the Hungarian revolt 1848-49, suppressed by Russian troops. *NB* Nagybanya... 1849 Hungary