I collect World coins by type, especially interested in African coins.

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Macedon Empire, drachma, Ag, Alexander III, the Great (336-323 BC), 4.5 grams.... -336 Greece
Niagara Falls Good Luck Souvenir, Ripley's Believe it or Not! Museum... 0 Exonumia North America
Argentina, Buenos Aires metro token.... 0 Exonumia South America
Russia, metro token from Sankt-Petersburg.... 0 Exonumia Europe
Ukraine, Kiev metro token, To Enter the Metropoliten.... 0 Exonumia Europe
France, 2 jeton, Casino de la Napoule.... 0 Exonumia Europe
France, Jeton Le Jeu.... 0 Exonumia Europe
Czechia, Replica of hte "thick coin" of Charles IV. 0 Exonumia Europe
Iceland, ACE token 0 Exonumia Europe
Germany, 5 pfennig, spielgeld (game-token), owl. 0 Exonumia Europe
United Kingdom, Royal Thistle, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. 0 Exonumia Europe
suberatus, Br-Ag, 3.45g, silvered bronze coin of: Domitian RIC II, 109, AR denarius, Rome AD 88... 88 Roman Empire
Roman Empire, denarius, Ag, Antoninus Pius (138-161) H: Annona l., corn-ears, cornucopiae,... 138 Roman Empire
Roman Empire, denarius, 157, Ag, 16.5mm, 2.75g, MM: Rome, Marcus Aurelius (161-180), Felicitas... 157 Roman Empire
Roman Empire, denarius, 196, Ag, Septimius Severus (193-211), L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP VIIII, VOTA... 196 Roman Empire
Roman Empire, denarius, Ag, IVLIA MAMAEA AVG, IVNO CONSE-RVATRIX, Juno, diademed and veiled,... 222 Roman Empire
Roman Empire, denarius, 222, Ag, Alexander Severus (222-235), IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG, ANNO... 222 Roman Empire
Roman Empire, denarius, Ag, IMP A ... AVG, P M TR P COS II P P, Alexander Severus.... 222 Roman Empire
Roman Empire, follis, Bronze, Claudius II (268-270).... 268 Roman Empire
Maximinus II, AE follis, IMP MAXIMINUS PF AVG, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter holds the globe on wich... 313 Roman Empire
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