Region: Australia, Oceania

Country: Australia Coins

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Australia50Cents-MilleniumYear-km488-2000 2000 Vichaisun
Australia20Cents-William&Catherine-km1566-2011 2011 Vichaisun
Australia20Cents-UnitedNations-km295-1955 1955 Vichaisun
Australia20Cents-WomenDay-km1642-2011 2011 Vichaisun
KM-23, 1921 Australia penny; bronze, plain edge; good fine to very fine, some dirt and grime is... 1921 sandy3075
Australia 2000 50 cents commemorating the millennium year. This is a scarce variety with the... 2000 gxseries
Australia 1 dollar. 2002, Year of the Outback. 2002 henry12
KM-9, 1944 New Guinea 3 pence; copper-nickel, plain edge; uncirculated or about. 1944 sandy3075
Australia 1 Dollar 2014-ANZAC 2014 Akdeveli
Australia 2014 2 dollars commemorating Remembrance day. This particular coin is known for weak... 2014 gxseries
Australia 2014 2 dollars. Normal circulating coin. 2014 gxseries
Australia 2012 2 dollars commemorating Remembrance day. This has a colored center. Very low... 2012 gxseries
Australia 2012 2 dollar, commemorating remembrance day. Hard to find in circulation these days. 2012 gxseries
1966 (c) Canberra Mint Gap between end of wave swirl and right hand side of platypuss face AU 1966 Richfo3
2 cents 1978 Australia.5g.21.5mm bronze unc MS63+ 1978 Richfo3
Australia 50 cents. 1974 1974 henry12
Australia 50 cents. 1972 1972 henry12
200th Anniversary - Cook's Australian Voyage Fifty Cents 1970 Richfo3
200th Anniversary - Cook's Australian Voyage Fifty Cents 1970 Richfo3
KM-34, 1938 Australia crown, Melbourne mint; silver, reeded edge; about unncirculated or better... 1938 sandy3075