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restrike austra thaler with dye fatigue (lines going towards the edge of the coin from the letters) 1780 ScottO
a very nice 1 heller, no lustre but shows limited signs of circulation possible toned a nice... 1896 ScottO
lustrous aluminum!, a long date run of this type of coin makes finding one in this condition a... 1954 ScottO
a lustrous 50 groschen near the end of a shortish run of this design, a gem considering it is... 1952 ScottO
lustrous 10 grochen, hard to get hold of one in this condition as it had a long circulation life... 1957 ScottO
gorgeous looking 1 heller from 1903, some interesting shades of brown which isnt lustre, but the... 1903 ScottO
a nice 2 heller, seen a bit of circulation but details are good enough 1897 ScottO
AUNC 1994 10 grochen, bit of scuffing on the reverse, a problem with aluminium 1994 ScottO
VF 1951 20 grochen, not a coin minted every year (only 3 dates for this design i believe, i love... 1951 ScottO
1869 10 krauser fair, but good detals, no wear on the legend 1869 ScottO
196,400,000 minted slight doubling of details on central piece of reverse and makes up a huge... 2002 ScottO
nice 5 schilling, lustrous on obverse, not on reverse but a good condition 1983 ScottO
EF lustrous 1 schilling aluminium very nice coin 1947 ScottO
10 grochen EF no sign of the usual scuffing and coin is bright 1989 ScottO
austria 10 grochen zinc, VF grade 1949 ScottO
EF 2 schilling large aluminium coin, very nice seen a small ammount of circulation but no real... 1947 ScottO
1948 5 grochen zinc coin, decent grade 1948 ScottO
EF 1 krauzer from 1816 vienna mint nice coin 1816 ScottO