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1837, Montenuovo 2569, Resch 252 var. (there in gold); Austria-Hungarian Empire,Tranysylvania... 1837 sandy3075
3 kreuzer. Maria Theresia (1745-1780), Empress of Holy Roman Empire. Ag359f. 1,74gr. 1754 podzemnik2
Thaler. Maria Theresia (1745-1780), Empress of Holy Roman Empire. *G* - Gunzburg mint. SC -... 1765 podzemnik2
5 Euros Arctic Adventures 2014 De-Orc
5 Euros New Year 2014 De-Orc
3 kreuzer (groschen). Steirmark. Ferdinand II. Ag. 1634 podzemnik2
Austrian Brass Medal on 25 years of Regn of Franc Ioseph I. Awarded to all military personnel... 1873 podzemnik2
5 Coronas. Austria-Hungary Empire. Franc Ioseph I (1848-1916). Mintage 1,539,000 units.... 1907 podzemnik2
1735 Austria Charles VI Holy Roman Emperor Medal by M. Donner F. Silver: 51.5MM./52.6 gms. Obv:... 1735 WWKT
1767 Austria Habsburg Maria Theresia Holy Roman Emperor On The Recovery of the Empress of The... 1767 WWKT
1736 Austria Marriage of Maria Theresa and Francis Stephen, the future Emperor of Holy Empire... 1736 WWKT
10 Euro cent KM#3139 4.1000 g., Brass, 19.75 mm. Obv: St. Stephen's Cathedral spires Rev:... 2009 Tomux
20 Euro cent KM#3140 5.7400 g., Brass, 22.25 mm. Obv: Belvedere Palace gate Rev: Expanded... 2008 Tomux
50 Euro cent KM#3141 7.8000 g., Brass, 24.25 mm. Obv: secession building in Vienna,... 2009 Tomux
1 Kreuzer King Ferdinand II 1625 De-Orc
Wien Pfennig Kinh Albrecht V 1411-39 Monier Niclas 1426 De-Orc
1765 Austria Imperial Visit to Innsbruck in connection with the marriage of Archduke Leopold with... 1765 WWKT
6 kreuzer. Tyrol. Karl VI (1711-1740). Ag438f. 3,29gr. 1725 podzemnik2
1 pfennig (1/4 kreuzer). Franc I (1745-1765), Emperor of Holy Roman Empire. *W I* - Wien mint.... 1759 podzemnik2
KM-2186, 1881 Austria kreuzer, copper, plain edge; red-brown uncirculated but a spot. 1881 sandy3075