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Country: Bolivia Coins

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Denominacion: 5 Bolivianos. 2001 DrSanchez
KM-158.1, 1873 FE Potosi mint Bolivia 10 centavos; higher quality coin, between very fine and... 1873 sandy3075
KM-158.3, 1885 Bolivia 10 centavos; nice small reeded edge coin in extra fine or about condition,... 1885 sandy3075
KM-153.1, 1871 Bolivia 10 centavos, Potosi mint, FE essayer; old shield, the variery with... 1871 sandy3075
KM-166, 1879 Bolivia 20 centavos; rare contemporary monetary commemorative strike in memory of... 1879 sandy3075
KM-159.1, 1879 Bolivia 20 centavos; about uncirculated specimen weakly struck with late worn out... 1879 sandy3075
KM-159.1, 1882 Bolivia Potosi mint 20 centavos; extra fine or better with typical uneven strick,... 1882 sandy3075
Details for BO82A below: first is the condor above the shirld in coat of arms; second is the... 1882 sandy3075
Reverse details for the below BO82A: first, large date below wreath; second normal wreath (two... 1882 sandy3075
Spnish Bolivia Potosi mintND,heavily double struck,rare to see. 1679 maria-ozawa
KM-155.4, 1871 Bolivia boliviano; Potosi mint; original luster on this very nice about... 1871 sandy3075
Half Bolivano/50 centavos. Republica De Bolivia. 'H'-Heaton mint, Birmingham. Mintage... 1909 podzemnik
20 centavos. Republica Bolivana. Wear coinage stamp. (PTS)- Potosi mint. Ag900f. 4,6gr. 1899 podzemnik
KM-152.1, 1865 Bolivia boliviano; silver, raised lettered edge; the vaiety with 1865/1 overdate... 1865 sandy3075
Details for the below 1865 boliviano - 5 over 1 in the date (left) and normal over reverse D... 1865 sandy3075
KM-159.2, 1892/82 Bolivia 20 centavos, silver overdate with badly rolled edge, most of it is flat... 1892 sandy3075
Overdate for the below BO92A 20 centavos 1892 sandy3075
KM-69, 1797 Bolivia 1/2 real, Potosi mint (PTS mint mark); silver, circle and rectangle edge;... 1797 sandy3075
KM-87, 1825 Bolivia real; Potosi mint; Ferdinand VII; looks about extra fine condition to me but... 1825 sandy3075
KM-52, 1777 Bolivia real; armoured bust of Carl III; very good to fine I would guess. 1777 sandy3075
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