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1 yijiao ? 1991 Julia
Xian feng Tong Bao 5 cash,Bao Fu Che prvince,Qing dynasty,it has 24.5mm Diameter,weight is 3.9g. 1851 fong
1936 years 1 fen copper coin,Rep of China,It has 26mm diameter,weight 6.1g. 1936 fong
China 1908 1 cash. Last of its holed type. Looks interesting especially with a metal flaw in it.... 1908 gxseries
Central Mint silver 7.2 Mace ,Da Qing Tong Bao Qing,China 1911 dickycanada
China Xinjiang 1886 half miscal (?). Holed. Weight: 1.70g. 1886 gxseries
High grade Zhi Da Tong Bao,Yuan Dynasty. 23mm diameter.weight 4.5g. 1310 fong
Chao Wu Tong bao rev Gon.Southern Ming dynasty.23mm diameter.weight 4.3g. 1673 fong
Yong Li Tong Bao rev Top and Down mark Dot,Southern Ming dynasty,it has 26.5mm Diameter.weight 4.5g. 1647 fong
China Anhui Province 1906 10 cash. Rotated die error. Weight: 7.18g. 1906 gxseries
China Guizhou province 1949 half cent. Really tough coin to find even in low condition! Weight:... 1949 gxseries
China 2005 1 fen in mint set. 2005 gxseries
Central Mint silver 7.2 Mace KUANG HSU YUAN BAO (光緒元寶)Qing,China 1908 dickycanada
China 2009 mint set with commemorative yuan coins. 2009 gxseries
China-Empire 10 Cash 1905 Y#10 1905 Akdeveli
large undated chinese 10 cash worn with weak striking 1905 ScottO
possibly Zhou Dynasty cash, if genuine -200 ScottO
Gong Wu Tong Bao,rev gui,Ming dynatsy,it has 24.5mm diameter,weight 3.8g. 1368 fong
Li Yong Tong Bao rev Gui,means is made in Gui Zhou,made by Wu San Gui,Qing Dynasty,It has 23mm... 1673 fong
Li Yuan Hung silver $1 capped Republic of China 1912 dickycanada