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2001 Johnny1989
2004 Johnny1989
2005 Johnny1989
2003 LawrenceChard
Gibraltar has been under Moorish, Spanish, Joint Dutch and British, and British Rule at various... 1842 LawrenceChard
Possibly the last Gibraltar gold Royals, as they used to be minted by the Pobjoy Mint, and... 2003 LawrenceChard
Another of the Charles & Diana wedding crowns from 1981. 1981 LawrenceChard
2004 LawrenceChard
'80 glorious years' reads the reverse legend on this pathetically small lightweight gold proof coin. 1993 LawrenceChard
The Queen Mother wearing a head torch, or is it a miner's lamp? Actually it's a real diamond... 2000 LawrenceChard
Saturn rocket at its launch pad, featured on the reverse of silver proof crown. One of at least 5... 1994 LawrenceChard
Three generations of the British Royal Family, the Queen Mother and Princess Diana appear with... 2002 LawrenceChard
The Victorian Era, or its centenary, was the excuse or reason for the issue of a set of 4 gold... 2001 LawrenceChard
Empress of India 1876, set with a ruby. Fifth ounce gold proof crown 'The Victorian Era'. 2001 LawrenceChard
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897 is commemorated on this one fifth ounce gold proof... 2001 LawrenceChard
Set with a black sapphire, this fifth ounce gold proof crown commemorates the death of Queen... 2001 LawrenceChard
Silver proof 25 pence crown to commemorate the Queen's Silver Jubilee, 1952 - 1977. Reverse:... 1977 LawrenceChard
Dog Series: Shih-Tzu / Ag 1997 loei88
Dog Series: Pekingese / Ag 1994 loei88
2.8 Ecus 190th Anniversary of the death of Admiral Nelson 1995 Manfred
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