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Famous silver drachm, c.525-463 B.C., 3.9g, 15mm, 2mm thick. Obv. Naked ithyphallic Stayr in... -525 HKMAL
Aeginetan silver stater circa 480 -456 bc. Commonly referred to as a `turtle'. This one also has... -480 Ian
Silver hemidrachm from the Black Sea region of Chersonesos (Crimea)circa 480 -350 BC. -480 Ian
Worlds first denominated coin? Very small (7mm) silver Tetartemorion from Kolphon, Ionia. Obverse... -480 Ian
nice example of a Perrhaebi tribe (Thessaly) Obol struck circa 480 -400 BC. Obverse:horse... -480 Ian
Apollonia Pontica silver hemidrachm from 450 -330 BC time frame. Off centre laureate head of... -450 Ian
Circa 450 BC Ancient Greek, MENDE bronze -450 echizento
Athenian tetradrachm (owl) with test cut. Not brilliant condition but still a nice collectable... -450 Ian
Nice quality well centred Athenian Tetradrachm. Very three dimensional coin. -450 Ian
An Ae12 from Ionia (Teos). Obverse Griffin to right, one leg raised. Reverse has a lyre within a... -400 Ian
small bronze from Maroneia in Thrace circa 400 - 300 BC. obverse, horse. Reverse square... -400 Ian
Struck under the autority of Diogenes of Sinope. Debased (90%) silver drachm. For this crime, he... -400 mmarotta
A nice silver stater from the city state of Thebes in Boeotia, Greece, circa 379 - 338 bc. A nice... -379 Ian
Boeotian hemidrachm with portrait of `Smiley the Alien' obverse. 379-371 BC -371 Ian
silver stater from the Corinthian colony of Anaktorion in Akarnania. `A' below Pegasus, and DI... -360 Ian
Small bronze of Philip II of Macedonia (Alexander the Great's father). This one has a very dark... -359 Ian
Ephesos silver di-obol. Obverse: Bee (off centre strike) Reverse: Two Stag heads -351 Ian
Thrace, Cherronesos; Hemidrachm, 400-350 BC -350 AuldFartte
A drachm from the Greek City State of Larissa circa 350 -325 BC 5.9 gms -350 Ian
Argos Hemidrachm. Wolf to left obverse / `A' with eagle below reverse. A nicer example of the SNG... -350 Ian
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