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KM-512, 1936 British India 1/4 anna, Bombay mint (dot under date); bronze, plain edge; red brown... 1936 sandy3075
KM-10.1, 1973 India paisa, Bombay mint (B mint mark); proof, aluminum, plain edge 4-sided; scarce... 1973 sandy3075
India 2 paise. 1967, Mint Bombay. 1967 henry12
KM-53, Year //37 Bengal Presidency pice; copper, plain edge; looks to be a KM-53, 8.6 gr, 29 mm,... 37 sandy3075
IndiaComm 20 Paise 1971(B)-FAO 1971 Akdeveli
Rev B George VI .500 Silver Rupee 1944 Richfo3
Rev B George VI .500 Silver Rupee 1944 Richfo3
Prooflike Obverse George VI .500 Silver Rupee (unlisted) 1942 Richfo3
George VI Bombay mint .500 Silver Rupee 1940 Richfo3
George VI .500 Silver Rupee 1942 Richfo3
KM-49.1, 1973 India 25 paisa, Bombay mint (B mint mark; proof, copper-nickel, reeded edge;... 1973 sandy3075
India-Republic 2 Rupees 2005(B) 2005 Akdeveli
I have first islamic silver coin 4yaari. I want to sell Plz contact me . 9808136999.... 1400 coin_sellers
KM-308, 1884 Portuguese India 1/4 (quarto) tange; copper, plain edge; very fine. 1884 sandy3075
KM-13, 1901 Portuguese India 1/12 tanga; bronze, plain edge; good extra fine, infrequent. 1901 sandy3075
KM-33, 1958 Portuguese India escudo; copper-nickel, reeded edge; nice bright uncirculated specimen. 1958 sandy3075
KM-308, 1881 Portuguese India 1/4 tanga; copper, plain edge; very fine or about. 1881 sandy3075
KM-25, 1947 Portuguese India 1/4 rupia; copper-nickel, reeded edge; large mintage of 800,000 but... 1947 sandy3075
1919 Calcutta Peace medal; bronze, brass or copper, plain edge; obv: cojoined busts of George V... 1919 sandy3075
KM-PR12, 1952 Portuguese India tanga; prova, bronze, plain edge; deep red, obviously scarce if it... 1952 sandy3075