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5 centismi, coin woudln't be bad if the obverse didnt have knocks and chips 1961 ScottO
10 centismi from italy, a nice looking coin, i think the colouration gives it a nice look, still... 1939 ScottO
another nice design from italy, this time Vctor Emanuel III, 2nd coinage while not in the best of... 1914 ScottO
a very nice italian 50 centesimi, a rather short lived design (1936-43) and only 1936 was issued... 1939 ScottO
nice 200 lira, rather plain design compared to the other larger lira coins 1979 ScottO
very nice 100 liras, would be UNC apart from the rust/corrosion on reverse, still rather good for... 1962 ScottO
aUNC 2003 50 lira 2003 ScottO
10 lira, aluminium coin, in VF 1972 ScottO
great grade,hard to determine exactly, but there seems to be no wear so i'm putting at AUNC 1973 ScottO
EF 1921 5 centesimi, nice streaky effect, metal mix error on bronze? 1921 ScottO
EF 1953 5 lira, this design of coin was only in run for 5 years (51-56) this is a very nice... 1953 ScottO
5 lira 1935, stainless steel, seems to have corroded at some stage which has ruined some details... 1935 ScottO
100 lira, EF great details on both sides, sadly a scratch on the portrait 1978 ScottO
nice 1974 100 lira, EF grade, lost the lustre and possible close to falling into VF 1974 ScottO
EF lustrous 10 lira from 1980, great piece considering how quick lustre goes 1980 ScottO
EF lustrous 5 lira lovely coin, coming to the end of the design run some spreading on reverse. 1950 ScottO
10 liras, someone has engraved a 7 or maybe thats just a random piece of damage 1954 ScottO
very nice 1 lira from 1941 1941 ScottO
1861 5 centesimi, fairly nice, almost fine, still plenty of detail but showing wear on hair 1861 ScottO
20 centismi, thinning planchet at one side, VF grade looks very nice but the detail loss where... 1913 ScottO