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1944-D 10 centavos - Commonwealth of the Philippines. Minted in Denver, Colorado 1944 RHM22
1944-S 50 centavos - Commonwealth of the Philippines. Minted in San Francisco, California 1944 RHM22
United States Administration decimal copper-nickel-zinc 5 Centavos with mintage 14,040,000 units.... 1944 HKMAL
1903 HKMAL
km-195, ND (1967) Philippines peso; silver, reeded edge; commemorating 25'th anniversary of the... 1967 sandy3075
1 Piso KM#243.2 4.0000 g., Stainless Steel, 21.6 mm. Obv: Head of Jose Rizal right Rev: Tamaraw... 1993 Tomux
1979 25 sentimos 1979 ben_al
5 sentimos. Melchora Aquino de Ramos ''Grand Woman of the Revolution''. 8 lobed edge, brass, 19 mm 1979 jurkovms
25 sentimos. Juan Luna, painter and a political activist of the Philippine Revolution. Cu-Ni, 21 mm 1975 jurkovms
50 sentimos. Marcelo Hilario del Pilar, journalist and reformist in revolution from Spain. The... 1985 jurkovms
5 Sentimos KM#239 1.2000 g., Aluminum, 17 mm. Obv: Head right Rev: Orchid and value 1987 Tomux
25 Sentimos KM#199 4.0000 g., Copper-Zinc-Nickel, 21 mm. Obv: Shield of arms Rev: Head left 1972 Tomux
US-Philippine 1921 50 centavo silver coin. 27.5mm diameter weak strike on the year #s 9 and 2... 1921 coinhunter
Philippines 1983 monkey eating eagle 50 centavo error coin. coin diam 25mm 1983 coinhunter
92.5% silver 38.6mm diameter P500 pesos for the 50th anniv Banko Sentral Pilipinas 1999 coinhunter
Copper 1centavo coin 24.8mm diameter 1944 coinhunter
50c Alfonso XII 0.835 Silver 12.98 grams 30mm diameter 1885 coinhunter
nice coconut tree 23.5mm diameter coin two pesos 1991 coinhunter
USA-Phil Coin 90% silver 23.3mm diameter 1903 coinhunter
USA-Phil coin 80% silver 36mm diameter 1907 coinhunter