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Another Scarce coin from the Culion Leper Colony. The leper colony is located on a small Island... 1930 nonamateur
This is the first year of the large One Peso Zinc coins, and hard to come by in ANY grade. These... 1913 nonamateur
This is a semi-key scarce year for these Zinc One Peso coins, and this one is in VF+ condition. 1920 nonamateur
Another of the Culion Leper Colony One Peso coins, this one is in Bronze, and in VF condition. 1922 nonamateur
This is a major semi-key in the Culion Leper Colony One Peso coins. The Curved-Wing variety is... 1925 nonamateur
This is a 1936 Commemorative Fifty Centavo issue of the historic meeting between Presidents... 1936 nonamateur
General MacArthur said I Shall Return, and this coin commemorates his victorious return to the... 1947 nonamateur
This is the second half of the MacArthur series, and is the One Peso coin. Unfortunately, this... 1947 nonamateur
Silver commemorative Half Peso of National Hero JOSE RIZAL. Fortunately, i have two of them, so... 1961 nonamateur
I also have a few of these, so two are available. This is the 25th Anniversary of Bataan Day,... 1967 nonamateur
Same as the previous coin, but nicely toned! Also in EF+. 1967 nonamateur
1863-1963 Silver Centennary Issue of National Hero Andreas Bonafacio, in AU condition. Yes, i... 1963 nonamateur
These coins are Soooo much prettier than the scans show! This is the Silver Centennary 1864-1964... 1964 nonamateur
A nice semi-key 1903P Silver Crown Peso that is as close to AU as could be. I can't wait till... 1903 nonamateur
Another beautiful coin, but this one is an s. Its hard NOT assigning a higher grade to coins like... 1903 nonamateur
No WAY i could give this Stunner anything BUT an AU! Beautiful cartwheel brilliance, and what... 1907 nonamateur
I Cringe every time i list these coins under Asia, Philippines, because they REALLY are American... 1908 nonamateur
You can't really see how beautiful this coin is. AU details, and completely unmolested. I just... 1909 nonamateur
I LOVE a coin or medal that is nearly impossible to identify! A BRIEF HISTORY: The name, Tomas... 1918 nonamateur
As i have said before...I always feel a bit odd listing these coins under Asia, Philippines,... 1904 nonamateur
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