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10 centimo. 1984 1984 henry12
KM-190, 1964 Philippines 50 centavos; copper-zinc-nickel, reeded edge; uncirculated 1964 sandy3075
manilla octavo from 1828, bit worn, but a crude coin. 1828 ScottO
1 piso. 1984 1984 henry12
KM-186, 1958 Philippines centavo; bronze, plain edge; red uncirculated. 1958 sandy3075
USPI 1921 10Centavo 80% Silver coin thanks totoy! 1921 coinhunter
10 centimos, great grade. 1972 ScottO
Big nickel coin of almost 40mm diameter celebrating the visit of Pope Paul VI. Of 1 Peso value,... 1970 coinhunter
1909 USPhilippines silver coin of 36mm diameter at 80% silver and 20 grams. This coin is a relic... 1909 coinhunter
1907 Silver 1 Peso USA-Philippines 36mm diameter at 80% silver and 20gram weight. Nice coin 1907 coinhunter
36mm diameter Silver 80% coin at 20 grams USA-Philippines one Peso 1908 coinhunter
38mm diameter Silver coin 1 Peso 0.900Fine at 27grams. One of the key years for the USPI 1-Peso... 1905 coinhunter
US Philippine commonwealth coin 0.7500 Fine 20centavos from the USA D Denver mint 1944 coinhunter
Philippines Copper coin 1 centavo, very rare to experience actual usage. 15.5mm diameter 2006 coinhunter
Philippines Brass wavy edged 5 centavo coin about 18mm diameter (20 of these, at that time, buys... 1981 coinhunter
Philippines 1963 Copper 1 centavo (you can buy one sheet Manila Carbon paper at that time with... 1963 coinhunter
Nickel Commonwealth Philippines 5 centavos (about the cost of an 8oz bottle of Cocacola at that... 1945 coinhunter
Philippines Aluminum Square coin, 1 centavo 16.5mm side 1975 coinhunter
1945-S silver 50C (Decimal) US Admin. Rim nick. 1945 HKMAL
10 Pesos Philippines People power coin 36mm diameter nickel nice REV pic thanks Let! 1988 coinhunter