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Russia 1921 15 kopek. Minor corrosion, edge filed on bottom. A somewhat uncommon coin. Weight: 2.66g 1921 gxseries
Russia Siberia 1773 1 kopek. Replica and edge scratch. Weight: 6.22g 1773 gxseries
Russia 1762 Peter III 2 kopek. A rather scarce type. Some dings. Weight: 10.13g 1762 gxseries
Bronze para/3denga, pitted,word "valosk"missing, slightly misaligned and 10,46gr. 1772 mihaizaha
Bronze para/3denga,small scratch on the obverse and 11,13gr. 1772 mihaizaha
Bronze 2para/3 kopeks,partialy impression and misalignent of the die and 19,33gr. 1773 mihaizaha
Y-135.1, 1965 Russia (USSR) rouble; copper-nickel-zinc, plain lettered edge; 20 year of vistory... 1965 sandy3075
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, pitted and 20 grams. 1772 mihaizaha
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, heavy pitting on the reverse die misalignment about 15 degrees and 18,78gr. 1773 mihaizaha
Bronze 2 para/3kopeks,part of legend missing on reverse,also a small crack on reverse at 7h,dies... 1772 mihaizaha
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, good details,pitted,dies slightly off alignment and 18,61gr. 1773 mihaizaha
Bronze 2para/3kopeks. Planchet defect ,heavy pitted and 19,59gr. 177 mihaizaha
Silver ruble(AR),small nick on the edge at 11h on the reverse and 20,00gr. 1903 mihaizaha
Silver rubleSPB (FG),good details and 20,45gr. 1828 mihaizaha
RussianEmpire 5 Kopek 1862EM - Tsar Alexander II 1862 Akdeveli
Russia, 1811 EM HM 2 Kopecks, cleaned, C#118.3. 1811 AshBorer
Bronze 2para/3kopeks badly corroded but still my best locking con of the year in my collection... 1774 mihaizaha
Bronze 2para/3kopeks,uneven impression of the dye,pitted and 17,81gr. 1773 mihaizaha
Bronze 2para/3kopeks, pitted,big cut right thru the middle, uneven inprint,die rotation,19gr. 1773 mihaizaha
Silver rouble SPB PA 20,52gr. 1846 mihaizaha
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