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Coin ID Most popular coins this week: Country Collection
1029658 1672 farthing, VF with planchet flaws, United Kingdom ScottO
1027488 1882 Mexican Eagle Silver Peso Coin, Mexico Yeyong
997174 光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), China Mcektam
1034177 1652-1952 5 Shilling Silver Value South Africa Manfred
1011926 光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), China Mcektam
1054239 40 mm Commemorative aluminum medal in Germany podzemnik2
1029981 92U Depleted Uranium "element coin" Exonumia North America xphobe
1054232 Colombia 1872 1 peso, Bogota mint. Colombia gxseries
1054250 A wheat penny found in change USA colind
1054238 KM-810, 1922 Great Britain penny; United Kingdom sandy3075
Coin ID Latest coin additions: Country Collection
1054274 KM-72, 1911 Belgium franc; silver, Belgium sandy3075
1054273 KM-4.2, 1846 Belgium 2 centimes; copper, Belgium sandy3075
1054272 KM-80, 1915 Belgium 5 centimes; zinc, Belgium sandy3075
1054271 Change find USA colind
1054270 A 1941-S Nickel found in change USA colind
1054269 KM-146, 1918 Netherlands 25 cents; Netherlands sandy3075
1054268 KM-42, 1913 Italy (Kingdom) 5 centesimi, Italy sandy3075
1054267 KM-8, 1935 British West Africa 1/2 British West Africa sandy3075
1054266 KM-734.1, 1855 Great Britain shilling; United Kingdom sandy3075
1054265 KM-751.2, 1877 Great Britain 6 pence; United Kingdom sandy3075