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KM-103.2, 1673 Scotland 2 merk; silver, plain edge; Charles II, scarce, good to very good. 1673 sandy3075
Scotland 1705 5 Shillings. '5' over '4' overdate. 1705 BCNumismatics
Scotland 1696 5 Shillings. 1696 BCNumismatics
silver thirty shillings struck between 1625 /49 (Sir John Falconer's anonymous coinage). Although... 1625 Ian
Scotland cut Halfpenny Short Cross and Stars coinage, Phase B (c.1205-c.1230), Hue and Walter... 1205 ScottO
unknown low grade worn coin possibly scottish 1640 ScottO
Edinburgh 1/2d (Bawbee). St Andrews obverse, ship reverse 1791 Ian
Mary queen of Scots hardhead, counterstamped in 1575 to certify the coin is genuine 1542 ScottO
Francis and Mary Hardhead 1558-60 1558 ScottO
ccut quarter scotish penny, short cross sadly low grade possibly Alexander II 1220 ScottO
Early Scottish "plack" coin, Deisn of 4 crowns on obverse was used during James III so struck... 1460 ScottO
1691 bawbee, some verdegris but good details. 1691 ScottO
Hammered scottish penny, Alexander II would have been fantastic grade if a full coin 1279 ScottO
1623 copper twopence of james VI 1623 ScottO
SCOTLAND~AR Penny 1249-1286 AD. Under King: Alexander III. *RARE* 1249 Zantetsuken
cut Alexander III penny from scotland 1249 ScottO
scottish penny, cut half William the lion hort Cross and Stars coinage, Phase B 1205 ScottO
1602 James VI, Scotland, Sword & Sceptre piece. 1602 Prestige-Collection
Burntisland Vitriol Company 1797 1/2 Penny. 1797 BCNumismatics
Scotland 1695 20 Shillings. 1695 BCNumismatics
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