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Celtiberian bronze of the late 2nd Century B.C., Sagunto Roma obv, Ship prow and winged victory... -225 bill
-120 DrSanchez
After 104 BC Ilergetes Iberian Celts Ceca Iltirta Male bust right, three dolphins swimming... -104 De-Orc
Celtiberian denarius of Osca, ca 180 to 20 B.C. -100 bill
As of Obulco. Female bust on obverse. Plow and ear of grain on reverse. -100 bill
Celt-Iberian Castulo Bull. 1st Century B.C. Semis. -100 bill
Bronze As produced by the Celtiberian people of Emporium. -100 bill
Celtiberian bronze of Ilerda. Beardless male right on obverse. Wolf right on reverse with... -80 bill
Bronze As of Ursone, Spain. -50 bill
Celtiberian bronze of Castulo. From the period of Augustus ca. 27 B.C. to 14 A.D. Male head with... -10 bill
Bronze coin of Roman Iberia, Osset. Obv: Augustus and the legend, OSSET. Rev: Figure with grape... 0 bill
5 ptas 0 apsc
Peseta 0 apsc
Barcelona consell de lesport escolar 0 asadshams
Circa 50Bc, Iberia Castulo. Bull standing right crescent above. Diademed male head right. 50 De-Orc
Visigoths, Sisebut Gold Tremissis Seville Mint 620 jlueke
770 KardGeo
AlfonsoI of Aragon 1109-1126 Toledo Dinero 1109 Numismatistnick
Silver dirham (anonymous coinage) from the Muwahhid dynasty in Iberia / Morocco during the period... 1160 Ian
Burgos Mint 13/14C Blanca of billion King Juan 11 (1406-1454) 1300 Peter
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