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Swiss shooting medal struck for the Cantonal shooting festival at Aarau, in Aargau. 1908 Ian
1891 Swiss Bern 600th Anniversary of Perpetual Alliance Medal by Bovy/C. Richard. Bronze: 36MM.... 1891 WWKT
1872 Swiss Geneva, Commemorate Birth of A Son in Dufour Verne Family Medal by H. Bovy/ Bronze:... 1872 WWKT
1907 Swiss St. Gervais Geneve Vouge de Faubourg music awarded Medal by L.Schlutter/E.Lossier.... 1907 WWKT
1/2 Franc from Switzerland. 1906. 1906 tzarmarko
5 rappen 1905 adrian1310
5 francs 1968 adrian1310
5 rappen 1947 papajoojoo
Commemorative issue Battle of Murten in 1476 AD rare only 1.506.000 minted 1976 emilu2
Switzerland 20 Rappen 1850B (Silver coin) 1850 Akdeveli
1/4 Thaler. Canton Bern (Republica of Bern). Ag. 7,05gr. 1797 podzemnik2
1/2 Thaler. Canton Bern (Republica of Bern). Ag. 14,52gr. 1796 podzemnik2
1897 Swiss Geneve Exercices de L'arquebuse et de la Navigation Medal by Hugues Bovy. Bronze 51MM 1897 WWKT
Switzerland 1 Franc 1964-B 1964 Chris86
2000 o.j. Zentral Schweizerische Meisterscahft Stgl Medal. Silver plated 50MM./57.3 gm. 2000 WWKT
switzerland 10 rappen 1990 aklesh
1926 Solothurn Kant Schutzenfest Medal. Silver 30 mm./26.8 g. 1926 WWKT
2000 o.j. Thurg. Kantonal Schützenverein Meisterschaft Medal. Silver plated. 49MM./51 gm 2000 WWKT
1971 Nordostschweizerischer Sportschützenverband Medal. Silver plated. 49MM./51 gm 1971 WWKT
2000 o.j. Fribourg Société cantonale des tireurs fribourgeois Medal. Silver plated 5MM./55 gm. 2000 WWKT