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SouthAfrica 20 Cents 1986 1986 South Africa
KM-88, 1971 South Africa rand; silver, reeded edge; earlier Republican coinage, only issued in... 1971 South Africa
KM-7, 1928 British West Africa 1/10 penny, Royal Mint (no mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge,... 1928 British West Africa
KM-7, 1920 British West Africa 1/10 penny, King Norton's mint (KN mint mark); copper-nickel,... 1920 British West Africa
Angola 20 Kwanzas 2014 - Queen Njinga a Mbande (1582-1663) 2014 Angola
Angola 1 Kwanza 2012 2012 Angola
Angola 50 Centimos 2012 2012 Angola
KM-10, 1937 Southern Rhodesia 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; coronation issue for George VI, but... 1937 Rhodesia
KM-62, 1923 Angola 5 centavos; bronse, plain edge; early 20'th century Portugues Africa colonial... 1923 Angola
Ascencion Island 50p 50th Anniversary of the Corination of QEII 2003 Saint Helena
Ascension Island 50p QEII 70th Birthday 1996 Saint Helena
KM-11, 1967 Seychelles 25 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Elizabeth II mintage for the... 1967 Seychelles
French Protectorate of Tunisia 2 Franc Nominal Ruler Habib Bey 1926 Tunisia
French Protectorate of Tunisia 1 Franc Nominal Ruler Naceur Bey 1921 Tunisia
French Protectorate of Tunisia 10 Centimes Nominal Ruler Ali Bey 1891 Tunisia
Tunisia 1 franc. 1921, Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) 1921 Tunisia
Tunisia 50 centimes. 1941, Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) 1941 Tunisia
KM-264, Lec-309, AH1358(1939) Tunisia 5 francs; silver, reeded edge; Ahmad Pasha bey, one year... 1939 Tunisia
KM-9, 1913 British West Africa penny, Heaton mint (H mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge;... 1913 British West Africa
French Algeria 20 Francs 1949 Algeria