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1936 New Guinea, One Penny. 1936 Papua New Guinea
2005 China 10 Yuan Silver Panda 2005 China
1986 People's Republic of China, 5 Yuan. Obv: Great Wall. Rev: The Ship Empress of China. Mintage... 1986 China
1992 (Yr.4) Japan, 500 Yen. 20th Anniversary of the Reversion of Okinawa. CuNi. 1992 Japan
Gold proof half ounce Chinese panda, part of a five coin set. The designs change almost every year. 1987 China
1/2 Florin, Dutch East Indies... 1802 Indonesia
Hong Kong gold $1,000 Year of the Monkey. There is also a proof version. Part of a complete... 1980 Hong Kong
Japanese gold 100,000 yen of Emperor Hirohito for his 60th year of reign. The obverse design is a... 1986 Japan
?? Any info is much appreciated. 0 Bhutan
Tunku Abdul Putra Al-Haj Bapa Malaysia reads the legend of this Malaysian 100 Ringgit. Tunku... 1971 Malaysia
1961 Indonesia 50 Sen (amazing shape for aluminum). 1961 Indonesia
Gold 150 dollars for the 150th anniversary of the founding of Singapore. 1969 Singapore
1947 India 2 Annas 1947 India
1994 Singapore One Cent 1994 Singapore
Nederlandsch Indie 1945 Indonesia
1973 Indonesia
1951 Indonesia
Nederlandsch Indie ,1 cent ,1897 1897 Indonesia
1932 India 1/12 Anna 1932 India
ching Dynasti Coins 1911 Indonesia