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Peru 20 centavos token to raise funds to build a monument to admiral Grau in Lima. 1935 Exonumia South America
Colombia 1 centavo. 1969 1969 Colombia
British Antarctic Territory 50p Emperor Penguin 2019 S Georgia & Sandwich Isl.
1 Crown Bicentenary of the Death Admiral Horatio Nelson's Death 1758-1805. Portraits of Nelson... 2006 Falkland Islands
Chile 10 Centavos 1920 1920 Chile
KM-493, 1897 Brazil (Republic) 200 reis; copper-nickel, plain edge; large almost crown sized... 1897 Brazil
KM-483, 1889 Brazil (Empire) 100 reis; copper nickel, plain edge; Pedro II, last year issue, same... 1889 Brazil
KM-477, 1882 Brazil (Empire) 100 reis; copper-nickel, plain edge; Pedro II, last type of the... 1882 Brazil
KM-28, 1923 British Guiana 4 pence; silver, reeded edge; George V, scarce type and smallest... 1923 Guyana
KM-537, 1938 Brazil 200 reis; copper-nickel, plain edge; circulating commemorative issue of... 1938 Brazil
British Antarctic Territory £2 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Robert Falcon Scott 2018 S Georgia & Sandwich Isl.
£2 80th Birthday of QEII 2006 S Georgia & Sandwich Isl.
KM-525, 1929 Brazil 1000 reis; aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; scarcer mintage year, only 85,000,... 1929 Brazil
KM-50.5, 1916 Ecuador decimo, Philedelphia mint (PHILA mintmark); silver, reeded edge; one year... 1916 Ecuador
British Antarctic Territory 50p Chinstrap penguins 2019 S Georgia & Sandwich Isl.
£2 Centenary of the Imperial Antarctic Expedition HMS Endurance & Sir Ernest Shackleton 2014 S Georgia & Sandwich Isl.
Argentina (19th to 20th Century) Coin Set 1900 Argentina
KM-167.3, 1940 Chile 20 centavos; copper-nickel, plain edge; common coin, late in the type,... 1940 Chile
Peru ½ Sol de Oro 1947 1947 Peru
Brazil 50 centavos. 2008 2008 Brazil