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1 Cruzado Stainless steel 1986 Brazil
10 Centavos Stainless steel 1994 Brazil
50 Centavos Stainless steel 2005 Brazil
5 Cruzeiros reais Stainless steel 1993 Brazil
1000 Cruzeiros Stainless steel 1993 Brazil
50 centavos. Struck at San Francisco. 1934 Colombia
Brazil 2005 10 centavos. Nice unc. Note how similar it looks to the Euro?Special thanks to Jose! 2005 Brazil
Brazil 2005 10 centavos. Nice UNC. Note how similar it looks like to the Euro? Special thanks to... 2005 Brazil
Argentina 1950 10 centavos. Well circulated. Special thanks to Jose! 1950 Argentina
Eight Soles from the Potosi mint. (PTS Monogram). This coin seems to be weakly struck and has... 1833 Bolivia
960 Reis. This coin shows signs of having been overstruck. Unfortunately it is nigh on impossible... 1815 Brazil
960 Reis. This coin like all others of its type has been overstruck. Unfortunately it is... 1823 Brazil
2000 Reis.Lustrous with some light toning 1856 Brazil
2000 Reis. Nice portrait coin. 1888 Brazil
5 Sucres 1943 Ecuador
Spanish Colonial 8 reales minted at Lima in Peru (LME monogram rev) 1786 Peru
One Sol 1870 Peru
5 Bolivars 1935 Venezuela
10 cruzeiros 1991 Brazil
British Guiana and West Indies 1910 4 pence, featuring Edward VII. Somewhat F/VF. On auction @... 1910 Guyana