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1966 Inyo County Centenial medallions. Silver, Antique bronze and Golden bronze. This is a... 1966 USA
1906 Barber Half Dollar 1906 USA
Silver Maple Leaf Tulip Privy Mintage: 2,500 2005 Canada
Canada 1912 5c 1912 Canada
1787 FUGIO CENT (Pointed rays) (Cinquefoils, States United). NGC VF-30BN. A bold light... 1787 USA
Canada, 25 cents, 2009-2010 Olympic Moments series (January 2010) Cindy Klassen 2010 Canada
US Large Cent 1810 S-284 1810 USA
American Samoa, Quarters Silver Proof Set. 2009 USA
North American Big Game Super Slam, North American Hunting Club, one troy ounce, .9999 fine... 0 Exonumia North America
SUSAN B. ANTHONY DOLLAR. 1980S Mintmark: S (for San Francisco, CA) on the left side of the... 1980 USA
Canada, 50 cents, 2009 - 2010 Official Limited Edition NHL Coin Series - Ottawa Senators (SENS),... 2010 Canada
Christopher Columbus Exposition Medal, Struck in Silver,designed by Lea Ahlborn. Eglit-112. A... 1892 USA
District of Columbia, Quarters Silver Proof Set. 2009 USA
1811 U.S. Classic Head Large Cent, S-287 1811 USA
1977 USA
Canada, 25 cents, Vancouver 2010 Mascots series, Sumi, coloured coin 2008 Canada
Mexico 1875 1centavo F+ 1875 Mexico
Silver 25 pesos crown issued for the Mexico City Olympic Games of 1968. Although this is a... 1968 Mexico
Silver One Dime (10 Cents) USA 1908 1908 USA
I was told by the person I bought this from that this is a 'US Colonial Coin'. If anybody can... 1735 USA