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Coin ID Most popular coins this week: Country Collection
1029658 1672 farthing, VF with planchet flaws, United Kingdom ScottO
1027488 1882 Mexican Eagle Silver Peso Coin, Mexico Yeyong
1011926 光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), China Mcektam
997174 光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), China Mcektam
1060573 10 Lire (Vatican City State / Pope Pius Vatican gradenko
1060536 Brunei 5 ringgits (dollars) 1994, 10th Brunei henry12
1060554 1/2 Crown (British Empire / Dominion of New Zealand gradenko
1060555 1 Florin / 2 Shillings (United Kingdom United Kingdom gradenko
1060517 1000 Pesetas (Kingdom of Spain / King Spain gradenko
1060566 1 Dalasi (Republic of the Gambia // Gambia gradenko
Coin ID Latest coin additions: Country Collection
1060583 Notre-Dame de Lourdes Exonumia Europe Bjorn1979
1060582 Slovakia fantasy 5 Euro pattern Exonumia Europe Bjorn1979
1060581 Polish Medal Pro Memoria Exonumia Europe Bjorn1979
1060580 Token Mint of Poland - XII VIDICAL 2001 Exonumia Europe Bjorn1979
1060579 Token Mint of Poland - International Exonumia Europe Bjorn1979
1060578 Token Mint of Poland - World Money Fair Exonumia Europe Bjorn1979
1060577 10 kopeek. Russian Empire. *SPB* Russia podzemnik2
1060576 Silver kopeyka. Presumably Peter the Russia podzemnik2
1060574 1 Dollar (Federal State - USA / Morgan USA gradenko
1060573 10 Lire (Vatican City State / Pope Pius Vatican gradenko