My George V collection. His portrait fascinates me. Usually I collect modern Greece and Cyprus.

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Half Piastre of Cyprus GEORGIVS V REX IMPERATOR CuNi 1934 Cyprus
5 Cents from Canada REX ET IND:IMP: Nickel 1929 Canada
9 Piastres from Cyprus REX ET IND:IMP: Silver 1919 Cyprus
3 Pence from 1933. The F.D. on the Obverse stands for Fidei Defensor, defender of the faith. A... 1933 United Kingdom
A 1919 Penny, heavily worn. Notice how you can see the outlines of the portrait on the reverse.... 1919 United Kingdom
A 1920 Penny. I have no idea what causes this surface effect, but these are not scratches. The... 1920 United Kingdom
A 1922 Penny 1922 United Kingdom
A 1926 Penny 1926 United Kingdom
A 1935 New Zealand Shilling. One year before the end of the George V reign. Here the portrait is... 1935 New Zealand
One Canadian Cent 1916. This coin was cleaned when I bought it. Quite shiny, yet quite pretty as... 1916 Canada
One Australian Penny 1935. 1935 Australia
A Florin of 1936. On the reverse the coat of arms of Scotland, Ireland and twice of England. For... 1936 United Kingdom
A Straits Settlements 10 cent silver coin. The diameter of this coin is around 18 cm. 1919 Singapore
This is an obvious fake 1935 Crown. The edge is reeled while it should have an incuse edge with... 1935 United Kingdom
A Quarter Rupee from India. On the reverse Shamrock, Thistle, Rose and Lotus. Calcutta mint. 1914 India
A Half Crown from 1921. On the reverse the coats of arm of England, Scotland and Ireland. 1921 United Kingdom
A 1934 Florin. New Zealand has a very different crowned portrait to other non UK countries. This... 1934 New Zealand
A 1931 Shilling. 1931 United Kingdom
One Cent from 1919 Newfoundland 1919 Canada
One Shilling from Australia. This coin was a pain to take a picture of, but I tried my best! 1917 Australia
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