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50Zl Polish Rulers Series - Duke Mieszko I 940–992 Reigned 960–992 1st Christian ruler of... 1979 Poland
50Zl 25th Anniversary of Provincial Annexations Polish Eagle 1970 Poland
10Zl 600th Anniversary of Jagiello University Stylised Head of King Casimir III, the Great... 1964 Poland
10Zl History of the Polish Zloty 10 zloty of 1932 Image of the reverse of the 10 z∏ coin from... 2006 Poland
10Zl Ignacy Jan Paderewski 1860-1941 Pianists Bust of Paderewski With silouette of the Polish... 2011 Poland
10Zl History of Polish Popular Music Krzysztof Komeda 2010 Poland
10Zl History of the Polish Cavalry: The Mounted Knight - 15th Century 2007 Poland
10Zl 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Mikołaj Rej 1505-1569 2005 Poland
2 Zlote 1933 Poland
241-221bc Carthage AE 14 Head of Tanit left Prancing Horse 241 Tunisia
350-250bc Kyme, Aeolis modern Nemrut Limani In Turkey Forepart of horse Single handle vase,... 350 Greece
97bc Egnatueleia Quinarius of the Republic Laureate head of Apollo Victory inscribing shield on... 97 Roman Empire
Celtic Danube Region. Imitating Philip II of Macedon. Circa 2nd century BC. Silver Tetradrachm.... 2 Unknown
Septimius Severus 193-211ad Denarius Struck 201 AD SEVERVS PIVS AVG, laureate head right... 201 Roman Empire
Claudius 41-54AD AE Quadrans. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG around modius PON M TR P IMP COS DES IT... 54 Roman Empire
Macadonia Alexander the Great 336-323bc Bronze, four chalkoi (hemiobol) Head of Heracles in... 336 Greece
Olbia - Sarmatia Black Sea Area 550 - 525bc Olbian Dolphin bronze coin. Length 23,9... 550 Greece
Bosporus Rhescuporis VI 303 – 342 AD Stater "BACILEVC PHCKOYPORIC" King's bust right;... 323 Roman Empire
Thrace, Apollonia Pontika 450-400bc. AR Drachm Facing gorgoneion Anchor; A to left,... 450 Greece
Illyria Dyrrhachion 250-200 BC. AR Drachm Cow standing right, looking back at suckling calf... 250 Greece
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