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1 Crown Royal Wedding Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer 1981 Isle of Man
1 Crown 100th Anniversary of Winston Churchill's Birth 1974 Isle of Man
£5 200th Anniversary Queen Victoria’s Birth 2019 United Kingdom
1 Crown Diamond Jubilee 2012 Falkland Islands
25p 80th birthday of the Queen Mother 1980 Guernsey
25p Silver Jubilee Gorey Harbour & Mont Orgueil Castle 1977 Jersey
25p 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Arms of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip 1972 Isle of Man
£2 250th Anniversary of Captain Cook's Voyage 2018 United Kingdom
£2 Jane Austen 100th Anniversary of her Death 2017 United Kingdom
50p Sir Isaac Newton 350th anniversary of his birth 2017 United Kingdom
1 Crown Orbiter Space Shuttle Bicentenary of Manned Flight 1983 Isle of Man
25p 25th Anniversary of the Coronation 2 Falcons tethered to a perch; Map of island behind 1978 Isle of Man
25P Silver Jubilee Aerial view of Castle Cornet 1977 Guernsey
202-210Ad Denarius,Septimius Severus. FVNDATOR PACIS, veiled Septimius standing left, holding... 202 Roman Empire
Denarius,Vespasian. PON MAX TR P COS VI, Pax seated left holding branch. IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS... 75 Roman Empire
£5 65th Anniversary of the Coronation 2018 Guernsey
50p Beatrix Potter's Mrs Tittlemouse 2018 United Kingdom
$1 A Heart of Roses 2013 British Virgin Islands
50p Beatrix Potter's The Tailor of Gloucester 2018 United Kingdom
50p Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit 2018 United Kingdom
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