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Brabant. Silver 1/4 patagon dated 1645 of Phil IIII. Coinages of this location are notoriously... 1645 Belgium
Brabant. Nice portrait of Philip II of Spain on a silver 1/2 Ducat. 1563 Belgium
Tournai. Copper Liard of Philip IIII of Spain issued for Tournai. 1652 Belgium
Tournai. Uniface siege coinage 2 sols. 1709 Belgium
Namur. Copper 2 liards under Philip V of Spain. 1709 Belgium
Namur. Liard of Carlos II of Spain. 1693 Belgium
Namur. Liard of Philip V of Spain. Nice condition for this type coin. 1710 Belgium
Tournai. Silver patagon of Albert and Isobella 1598 Belgium
Brabant. Silver patagon of Philip IV 1633 Belgium
Flanders. Portrait 1/4 Ducat of Philip II. Low grade, but scarce. 1556 Belgium
Flanders. Half patagon of Albert and Isobella of Spain. ND, but circa 1600's. 1600 Belgium
Flanders. Portrait Ducaton of Carlos II of Spain. Very crudely struck at Bruges. This coin is... 1670 Belgium
Flanders. Marie Theresia Portrait Ducaton struck at Antwerp. unfortunately holed. 1750 Belgium
1846 nice lustrous unc 2 cents. 1846 Belgium
silver 5 fr of Leopold I of Belgium. Nice almost EF example that has gun metal blue toning... 1849 Belgium
White metal jeton of Charles Alexandre Duke of Lorraine and Governor of Belgium. I'm uncertain as... 1778 Belgium
Exceptional quality bronze jeton issued for Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria , Duchess of... 1786 Belgium
1627 silver Patagon from Artois (minted at Arras)in the then Spanish Netherlands, now France.... 1627 Belgium
1654 silver Patagon from Flanders in the Brabant,Spanish Netherlands. 1654 Belgium
1598-1621 silver Patagon from Tournai in the Spanish Netherlands 1598 Belgium
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