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Swiss shooting medal issued for the cantonal Shooting festival at Beider, Basel in 1897. Slight... 1897 Switzerland
Silver Tetradrachme from the Aeolian city of Kyme circa 165 -140 BC. Obverse bust of the Amazon... -165 Turkey
Token Penny `Holloway's Pills and Ointment' (London) 1858 Australia
Another jeton de presence issued for La Preservatrice, a French assurer against accidents. This... 1898 France
France 1733. A silver jeton issued during the early reign of Louis XV for the `Extraordinaire Des... 1733 France
Rare silver jeton issued for the `Huissiers a Cheval au Chatelet', Engraved by Trebuchet. The... 1761 France
Scarcer silver jeton issued for La Securite, a French insurer covering against the risk of fire. 1838 France
Another scarce silver jeton issued during the reign of Louis XVI for the Lietenant Criminel de... 1776 France
Nice quality well centred Athenian Tetradrachm. Very three dimensional coin. -450 Greece
silver jeton issued for the Languedoc estates under Louis XV. 1765 France
Rare silver jeton struck for Joseph Philip Intervale Glandat who was dean of the Faculty of... 1781 France
copper halfpenny - George III 1799 United Kingdom
Athenian tetradrachm (owl) with test cut. Not brilliant condition but still a nice collectable... -450 Greece
Elizabeth I silver shilling (fifth issue with `A' mint mark. This issue is fairly poorly struck... 1583 United Kingdom
A jeton issued for Antonius Morand, Dean of the faculty of Medecine at Paris (1660, 1663, and... 1664 France
ANS silver medal issued to commemorate Hudson-Fulton. This example struck in sterling silver by... 1909 USA
Silver jeton from the early Napoleonic era depicting a horse drawn barge which was a very popular... 1797 France
A difficult to find silver jeton issued for the town of Peronne, Picardie, France in 1656.... 1656 France
Rare silver jeton issued in 1775 to commemorate the establishment of a quarantine station (a... 1775 France
a `potty penny' :) 1907 Exonumia North America