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Rare silver jeton issued in 1775 to commemorate the establishment of a quarantine station (a... 1775 France
Bronze long term service medal issued by Electricite de France and Gaz de France 1960 Exonumia Europe
1880 official restrike of a silver jeton originally issued for the `Metteurs a Port' (River... 1714 France
Interesting mule of the obverse of a jeton issued for Antonius Morand, Dean of the faculty of... 1662 France
Swiss shooting medal struck in bronze (2000 minted)and issued for the Shooting Festival in... 1898 Switzerland
Ramon Berenguer III silver 10 Diners. 1995 Andorra
Gelders, Spanish Netherlands silver half ducat. Nice portrait coin. Low grade, but very hard to... 1557 Netherlands
silver denarius of the Sequani tribe from the Besancon area of France. This coin was minted circa... -100 France
silver jeton minted circa 1786 (dated 1753) for the Counsellors of the City of Paris. Unsigned... 1786 France
copper half penny 1855 United Kingdom
Very fishy! 10$ silver proof :-) 1973 Barbados
Tonk - 1932 Paisa. small variety, some corrosion. 1932 India
another 10 Kreuzer in even worse state than the one before, including hole. 1632 Austria
1583 yellow copper jeton issued for the police based at Le Chatelet (Paris). Exceptionally good... 1583 France
silver jeton minted for La Rochelle Chambre de Commerce in 1754. Obverse bust of Louis XV /... 1754 France
`Treaty of Rome' silver 10 diners 1997 Andorra
German East Africa 5 Heller. Lovely large piece of copper in good VF condition. 1908 Tanzania
Dark toned silver jeton issued for the `Six Corps des marchands de paris' (the six principle... 1725 France
Slver jeton issued for LJM de Bourbon, Grand Admiral de France in celebration of the French naval... 1756 France
German East Africa - 2 Rupien. 1894 Tanzania