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2012 Silver American Eagle, a gift from a friend in the USA. Thanks Jud! 2012 USA
3 cents 1868 USA
Half dollar 1903 USA
potty penny :) (Detroit souvenir) 1907 USA
Parthian billon tetradrachm of Vardanes II circa 55 -58AD (first bust). 14.1 gms 55 Unknown
George I Crown dated 1723. The very first coin ever used in advertising, bearing the initials of... 1723 United Kingdom
Five Shillings Bank Token. Banker mark on cheek. 1804 United Kingdom
A shilling that didn't quite make it unscathed. Nice VF / EF(ish) coin with accoutrement on top.... 1745 United Kingdom
Another 1745 `LIMA' coin that didn't quite make it unscathed. This time a sixpence. Looks like... 1745 United Kingdom
For a bit of fun, can you determine whther this coin is Edward I or Edward II. All the info you... 1307 United Kingdom
Bi-metallic Model Crown produced by Allen and Moore (Birmingham)in 1848. (27mm or roughly florin... 1848 United Kingdom
Birmingham 3d. Large copper token issued during the coin shortages. Seldom seen 1813 United Kingdom
Gothic Crown, `undecimo' edge. 1847 United Kingdom
Aunty Vicky Crown. LVI edge 1893 United Kingdom
2006 United Kingdom
International Exposition medal of 1851 depicting the Crystal Palace, London. 1851 United Kingdom
I haven't a clue with regards to this one. At first I thought it was modern but I am led to... 9999 United Kingdom
Nice young head Queen Victoria crown 1845 United Kingdom
Silver crown showing Vicky wearing her jubilee head and a silly little crown perched on top. One... 1887 United Kingdom
Middlesex `Conder' half penny. T Hall's of Finsbury (Kangaroo, Armadillo, and Rhino/ First... 1795 United Kingdom
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