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A difficult to find silver jeton issued for the town of Peronne, Picardie, France in 1656.... 1656 France
Swiss 'so called taler' minted to commemorate the shooting festival at Basel in 1844. Engraved by... 1844 Switzerland
Another scarce silver jeton issued during the reign of Louis XVI for the Lietenant Criminel de... 1776 France
Scarcer silver jeton de presence issued during the reign of Louis XVI of France for the Maritime... 1783 France
Ten dollars `1st anniversary of Independence'. Large (1.5 oz of silver) coin! 1974 Bahamas
An original Louis XV obverse / reverse, city view jeton of Rouen. The bust is later style than... 1721 France
Another silver Didrachm from the Greek City State of Gela in Sicily. This time with `Gela' facing... -450 Italy
`Silver wedding' commem. dollar in silver 1972 Bermuda
Small bronze of Philip II of Macedonia (Alexander the Great's father). This one has a very dark... -359 Greece
Actually, British West Africa, but i guess Nigeria will have to do. This one is a nice lustrous... 1936 Nigeria
Perth half penny (Bridge over the tay at Perth /Salmon fisher. 1797 Scotland
Mithradates I (King of Kings)of Parthia silver drachm. Very nice example -171 Iran
French India - rupee dated AH1220 year 45 from Arcot mint, in the name of Shah Alam II. Nice well... 1805 India
Dark toned silver jeton of the Agens de Change, Banking and Finance dated 1711 and under the... 1711 France
Contemporary fake Joseph Napoleon 20 Reales. The silvering is wearing thin in places (obverse).... 1808 Spain
Silver Stater from the Greek City State of Kroton in Bruttium (foot of Italy) circa 420 - 390 BC.... -420 Italy
Silver jeton issued for the administrator of the Canal de Briare (Loire and Seine), one of the... 1742 France
1813George III Essequebo and Demerary copper Half Stiver. 1813 Guyana
Charlemagne silver proof 50 Diners 1960 Andorra
Undated silver jeton of the Chambre de Commerce de Lyon (circa 1723). Rhone and Saone depicted... 1723 France
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