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Krugerrand Our photograph of a 1974 krugerrand is one of the most copied stolen coin images on... 1974 South Africa
2002 United Kingdom
All 1780 dated Maria Theresa thalers are restrikes, but is is an attractive coin, and almost... 1780 Austria
Gold dinar from the Umayyad (descendants of Mohammed) Caliphs circa 720 AD. They were one of the... 710 Syria
Half pound (ten shillings) or double crown. Charles I, declaration type, Oxford Mint. Images... 1642 United Kingdom
Gold Broad (twenty shillings) of Oliver Cromwell. All portrait coins of Cromwell are scarce.... 1656 United Kingdom
Crown (five shillings) of Charles II, rose below bust. In 1699 under William III, roses were... 1662 United Kingdom
Halfcrown with conjoined heads of William III and Mary II Images copyright Chard 1689 United Kingdom
Silver crown of George II, with roses in angles. The coin in this photograph was the best... 1741 United Kingdom
Copper halfpenny of George III, pre-coinage reform, with mint lustre. Images copyright Chard 1771 United Kingdom
Mozambique counterstamp on 1780 Maria Theresa thaler. Images copyright Chard 1780 Mozambique
Gold guinea of George III 1791 United Kingdom
Riksdaler of Gustaf Adolph IV dated 1795. Images copyright Chard 1795 Sweden
Cartweel penny of George III, struck at Matthew Boulton & James Watt's Soho Mint in Birmingham.... 1797 United Kingdom
George III penny, with mint lustre on obverse but toned on reverse. Images copyright Chard 1806 United Kingdom
Silver shilling token with view of Newark town hall, Nottinghamshire, England 1811 United Kingdom
George III half sovereign. Images copyright Chard 1817 United Kingdom
George III silver crown of 1820. Both sides engraved by Benedetto Pistrucci. Images copyright Chard 1820 United Kingdom
Gold five pounds of George IV, 1826. Images copyright Chard 1826 United Kingdom
Gold two pounds (double sovereign) of George IV dated 1826. Images copyright Chard 1826 United Kingdom
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