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This coin is a proof striking of the 1988 50 pence coin which was issued to comemorate the 1000th... 1988 Ireland
Samuel Beckett Silver proof 10 Euros. This coin commemorates the Irish writer Samuel Beckett. 2006 Ireland
1689 Gun money Shilling.Following his abdication in England, James spend some time in France and... 1689 Ireland
silver one pound,or one punt,coin. issued as a proof piedfort coin, twice the normal weight, and... 2000 Ireland
1949 nickel 6 pence. 1949 Ireland
1990 proof Red deer punt. 1990 Ireland
1966 proof Easter Rising 10 schilling. 1966 Ireland
1953 Bronze halfpenny 1953 Ireland
This finishes my proof birth set. NGC PF 67 RD ultra cameo. 1961 USA
1976 Proof 20 crowns. This is a big silver coin it fills a 2.5 x 2.5 coin flip. 1976 Turks & Caicos Isl.
1927 Palestine 2 mils 1927 Israel
1760 ha'penny. 1760 Ireland
Beautiful rose toned silver one shilling. 1897 United Kingdom
1822 Ha'penny I also have its mate a 1822 Penny in this collection. 1822 Ireland
This 2 Francs from Belgium was coinage used during the U.S. occupation during WWII. It is struck... 1944 Belgium
Buff any one? 1937 USA
Another Lightside coin. How about an 1883 V nickel without cents? 1883 USA
Ever so often I like to sneak in a light side (U.S.) coin or two like this Peace dollar. 1923 USA
1936 Fiji penny. I like the rose coloured toning this one displays. 1936 Fiji
A beautiful bronze East Africa 10 cent piece. Some excellent luster on this one! 1952 East Africa
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